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  M I S S I O N




Our mission at The Source is to simply share the love of Jesus in tangible ways. Our goal is to meet physical, emotional, and spiritual needs according to God's heart. We want to be an avenue to share His loving, kind, generous, good heart with the world!

In our own lives, and in the lives of others we have seen God pouring out a revelation of His goodness, and we desire to be an avenue through which that goodness is passed on to the world. As we felt God's calling to establish this non-profit, we experienced a reestablishment of identity in truth, and who we are as Children of God. This revelation has changed the way we think and live daily as we pursue Our Father as Healer, Provider, Savior, and Friend. We desire that all people feel the warmth of God's love, and know that they belong and have been created to hold the fullness of His life and power within them to live victoriously.

H  E  A  R  T


  • To display the loving heart of The Father

  • To be an avenue through which spiritual, emotional, and tangible needs are met for individuals and other organizations

  • To assist in creating a culture of honor and appreciation in our communities

  • To see the body of Christ unified

  • To make known the power of Jesus by documenting the miracles and healings that are taking place all over the world #ShareHope

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